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  Your delegation has just returned from a visit to a university in Great Britain. And you were warmly treated there by Professor Herthwell. Please write a letter to express your thanks to him for his hospitality and hope for further cooperation.


  Dear Prof. Herthwell,


  Many thanks for your kind hospitality and the honor you showed me during our delegation's recent visit to your university. It was nice of you to introduce me to so many famous professors and celebrated scholars at your university. We had a safe and sound trip home. Now we have resumed our work.


  Meanwhile, I hope you will someday pay a short visit to our university and give us some lectures on "Modern Western Economics".


  Please have no hesitation in writing to me if you want me to do something for you in China.


  Best wishes,

  Li Dong




  Thank you very much /indeed for---


  I am obliged to you for your assistance during---


  Thank you very much for the gift you sent me. It is one of the most wonderful gifts I got on my birthday.

  非常感谢你寄给我的礼物。那是我生日那天收到最美妙的礼物之一。 Thanks to your effort, we had our most successful---.


  Please accept my sincere thanks for your help, which I will never forget. 请接受我真诚的感谢,我将永远不会忘记你的帮助。

  Again, I would like to express my warm thanks to you.



  Dear Teacher:

  This is a special day, we have presented a bouquet of flowers, gifts to the world of your peaches and plums, spectrum a Ode to Joy, for your eyes flicker disperse tired, for you loosen the amount of wrinkled patterns.

  The singing is to thank: the teacher, thank you! Thank you do not make learning to become crafts, but have become a kind of joy; Thank you for letting me know their value; Thank you for helping me find their expertise, but let me do things better; Thank you for being one I can never trust people - will be in trouble in their lives to help people.

  The singing is a blessing: teacher, happy holidays! Insatiable in learning, be tireless in teaching, peaches and plums fragrance, their music is happy and harmonious. I wish you a happy holiday! Not only in the Teacher's Day today, there is a tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, Tai Houtian, I wish your life every day, every minutes, every second, the surface is always the same smile.

  The singing is concerned about: the teacher, you worked hard! Your use of sweat, nurturing the tender shoots of spring have just ground-breaking. Your care is like the genial spring, warm our hearts and minds. Let us protect your healthy growth, formed in the autumn fruit.

  Life's journey, you shine our light of hope, eich our minds, adding to our intelligence.

  Thank you, teacher! I wish you healthy forever! Happy! Happiness!



  这是一个特别的日子, 我们献上一束鲜花,赠予桃李天下的您,谱上一曲欢乐颂,为您驱散眼中闪烁的疲倦,为您松解紧皱的额纹。






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